Introduction to the platforms

Crowd Angels

The Crowd Engagement Company

Crowd Angels is the portal to all the different platforms we offer. Look at it as the overarching platform. It displays information on what we do exactly, what this means and what impact it could have for people. As well as a selection of the projects on our different platforms (CitySeeders, Campus Angels, etc.) with a link to their respective platforms.

We believe, without a doubt, that everyone has good ideas, some with the ability to change the world around them. Which means that every good idea deserves to become a reality. Unfortunately, most people hit a wall after their stroke of genius for a lot of different reasons. This coulds be caused by circumstances, a lack of time, resources, funds or support.

Using our Crowd-as-a-Service platforms we help people with ideas to connect with people with the possibility and the willingness to help. Often the biggest problem is that people who can help don’t know where their help is needed. And the people that need it don’t know where to look for it. We offer the solution for this.

By means of omnisourcing we’re going to help people get what they need to realise their idea. Omniscourcing is the next generation of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. All the technique combined on one platform.


CitySeeders is the portal for citizen initiative. The citizens of tomorrow don’t wait for initiatives from their government to execute innovative ideas. They have their own ideas that are more aligned with their daily experiences. However, it is very difficult to get these ideas off the ground. Cities have a lot of challenges like education, job creation, mobility, etc. and a limited amount of recourses. This platform brings a solution for both things.

Firstly, citizens of the same city, communities or villages and even citizens from different cities, communities or villages can collaborate through this platform in order to improve their world in the manner they want. This way their own ideas can be worked out with the help of anyone willing to get involved and focus can be put on what the citizens find important.

Secondly, presently cities hold all the cards when it comes down to ideas, culture, entrepreneurship, social innovation, development and so much more. Unfortunately, their resources are limited and must be spread over different initiatives. As well as they have the responsibility to address the afore mentioned challenges. With the help of CitySeeders they can easily see which problems are most important to their citizens.

Lastly, CitySeeders offers new opportunities to companies to involve the public in social innovative, inclusive and sustainable projects. With lower barriers and clearly stated needs, the possibilities are endless!

Campus Angels

Students often have very good ideas and brilliant projects in mind. They however, more often than others, lack the necessary resources to realise their ideas. Often that means knowledge, material and location. Usually they have no idea where to start looking to get the help they need either.

Campus Angels is the platform for students with which we’d like to resolve this problem. We want to have a threshold-lowering impact on the world of students but in two directions. On the one hand, for students so that they can have the possibility of asking for the help they need. On the other hand, so that the people who would be able to help can be more confident in the project.

Other than that Campus Angels can be used by schools and teachers to reach their students. Both can get their own page on which students could start their projects. Schools and school groups can even get their own platform as a communication tool for all projects from their students and employees.

Students, teachers, schools, parents and supporters, together we can be the driving force behind change.

Crowd Girls

Only one out of three entrepreneurs are female. This number needs to go up ASAP! Crowd Girls is the platform where female entrepreneurs can help and support each other. This way we can stimulate more women to become a businesswoman.

It’s never easy to start your proper business but for a woman is extra hard. Sometimes a friendly small push is very necessary. Do you have your enterprise, or do you have good ideas but no idea on how to realise them? Both present female entrepreneurs as future female entrepreneurs are welcome here.

Often enough the people with an actual desire and the possibility to help others have no idea whether this is necessary or even appreciated at all. While those that could use the help don’t know where to look for it or how to best ask for it. Crowd Girls exits to bring together those that need help and those who want to help. Together the best win-win situation will be found.

Crowd Girls is always looking for enthusiastic women. Those with ideas or projects in mind that they would like to realise, those who want to help others reach their goal. Everyone is welcome.

Sports Angels

Athletes are extremely passionate people. With the amount of time, discipline and money they have to put in their sports that’s an absolute necessity. To practice sports on a higher level they need a really good support system.

Sports Angels offers them the opportunity to ask their networks for the things they need to achieve their full potential. We offer the possibility to list everything they need on our platform. After which family, friends and fans can offer their help anywhere they can.

Are you an athlete, do you know an athlete or are you a big sports fan? Be sure to check out this platform. Together we can help them to reach the next level.