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The different platforms in a nutshell!


CitySeeders is the portal for citizen initiative. Citizens have their own initiatives that align better with their daily experiences. However, it is very difficult to get these ideas off the ground. Cities have a lot of challenges like education, job creation, mobility, etc. and a limited amount of recourses. This platform brings a solution for both things.

Campus Angels

Students often have very good ideas and brilliant projects in mind. They however, more often than others, lack the necessary resources to realise their ideas. Usually they have no idea where to start looking to get the help they need either. Campus Angels is the platform for students with which we’d like to resolve this problem


Crowd Girls

Crowd Girls is the platform where female entrepreneurs can help and support each other. This way we can stimulate more women to become a businesswoman. Do you have your enterprise, or do you have good ideas but no idea on how to realise them? Both present female entrepreneurs as future female entrepreneurs are welcome here.

Sports Angels

Athletes are extremely passionate people. With the amount of time, discipline and money they have to put in their sports that’s an absolute necessity. Are you or do you know an athlete or are you a big sports fan? Be sure to check out this platform. Together we can help them to reach the next level.

5 stages

Get closer to your dream in 5 steps


Make your presentation. If you inspire and convince us, we will contact you and help you plan your next steps.


Reach out and spread your ideas. By making your profile, you will be able to find others who believe in your project and are ready to join in. Let them know what are your goals and how you plan to achieve them.


Omnisourcing is new and unknown. But you're not on your own. Our crowdsourcing consultants stand by your side. Together you will work on your pitch, decide on what you will really need, prepare a communication plan and find your crowd.


It is the most exciting phase! After weeks of preparing, now is the moment of truth. Share your dream with the whole world and deserve the support you need.



Just as every professional cook has to taste the meal to know if it’s good, you too have to test your work. Is everything going according to the plan? Do you need to adjust? This is the time to reach your full potential.


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Collision Start-up Island - NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 30 - MAY 3, 2018

Group purchase of 8 booths at Collision in New Orleans. Join Crowd Angels and upto 24 startups & scaleups for a joint mission to Collision. ERNEST N. MORIAL CONVENTION CENTER, NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 30 - MAY 3, 2018

Join the CrossFit Holthem Crew

Over 30 members joined our team since Januari. Don't mis your chance to join CrossFit Holthem in Haaltert.

Help! Ik stik!

Op woensdag 14/03/2018 werd een PANO-reportage uitgezonden op VRT-één waarin de resultaten van een grootschalige studie rond luchtkwaliteit werden geïllustreerd aan de hand van 2 voorbeeldscholen. De resultaten zijn onthutsend. Bij maar liefst 60 % van de scholen wordt de maximale grens van 40 μg/m3 stikstofdioxide overschreden. Enkele verontruste ouders van de school uit de reportage hebben een krachtige hulpkreet willen laten weerklinken.De boodschap is eenvoudig. Onze steden, onze regio, ons land moeten leefbaar en gezond worden. De actie die wij willen verspreiden is even simpel als de boodschap. Sluit iedere vrijdagochtend, wanneer de school start, de straat van de school af voor autoverkeer. Drink samen een kopje koffie en laat de kinderen in de vrijgekomen autovrije ruimte spelen. Nodig de lokale beleidsmakers uit op de koffie. Neem foto's en post ze op de website En dit tot aan de verkiezingen.

STOP Sexisme in top sports

A "topsport status", with which you can more easily combine studying and top sports, is faster within the reach of male than female athletes, according to hockey players from Bruges. They're holding a petition after a few of them missed out on the "topsport status" at Ghent University. "Pure sexism", they say.

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